jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009


Hello! Today I’m going to talk about money…

Well, in Chile like in everywhere, the money has a special issue, especially in the times we are now, where the economic crisis or the economic laws are not always by our side. Also, Chile is a small country that depends of its relations with other countries, like with EE.UU that is one of the greatest buyers of our copper and of others natural resources.

But, the thing is, that the money is not such a thing that is in the macro-economy, because it also is in our daily lives. When I was a kid, I usually borrow money to my mom to buy a candy or something like that, but in some situations there was no money, so I didn’t buy anything. Like I could, the money is our lives even if we wanted that not be, because when you are in a society necessary you have to respect the conditions which the society is conformed.

I don’t know if the we could call the money like a bad thing, because I think that the people are who gives to much importance to the money, it’s not that the money by its own could be something bad.

I don’t usually borrow money to the people, because I feel bad when I have to ask for it, but I don’t have any problem if people ask me for money, because I trust that in some moment they’ll pay me back, and even if they take a time to pay me is not something so seriously.

At the time I use a bank sometimes, but it’s not that I have a treatment with the bank. For example, the university gives me checks because a have a scholarship. By other hand, I use a credit card, but it is not mine, it’s an extension from another account. The times I have gone to the bank it has not been a bad experience, except for an occasion when the bank system came down and a lot of people couldn’t ask for them money, but fortunately I could ask for my money, because it was not a great amount of money.

Well, that’s all for today, see you soon!

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

My faculty

Hello, this week I’ll write about suggestions for my faculty. Personally, I don’t know much about my faculty facts, but I’ll write about things I think could be interesting for this topic.

Well, in my faculty there are not many problems about the infrastructure, but for the next year we will need more rooms for the classes. In winter, when it starts to rain, the “hall” of the faculty has fissures where the water came down, but is not something worry. Another problem is about the “patch solution” that the faculty give us when we make a petition, like the one made it when we ask for more study room, and they make that in the casino would be Wi-Fi to work or study, but that is not a solution, just it’s a patch that covers the real problem, that is that we need real places for study. Another problem is that in the library, sometimes we need to study talking each other, but it can upset to the people who are reading in silence.

The others problems are relational with the organization of the different departments of the faculty, each department has problems about the projects that they want to do, and more conflictive is what we ask and not always the listen to us or give us something clearly about what they are going to do.

I think we need more instance where the professors, the dean and the classmates could talk about the real problems we are dealing with. Little by little we could make arrangements that could make happy to both sides of the conflict.

The benefits and the consequences would be that we talk with all the people related with the problem and not with sub-delegates, we could have a better communication and the problems could be solved more suitable.

That’s all for today, see you soon!

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Task 5: Dream Vacation

Hello! Today I’m going to write a about my dream vacation.

There is no just one dream vacation for me, so I’ll try to describe the one that be the most representative for me or the one I like the most.

In first place, I would like to travel to Europe, I don’t know which country in particular, but, when you visit one country from Europe you can visit many more, they all are interconnected, so I could travel to Spain and then travel to France or Germany.

In second place I would like to travel with friends, because you can do more things with more people and it’s funnier. I would like to know the city at the day and at the night; I think the aspects from the city can change when you see them at different hours. I would do everything I could, I wouldn’t like to feel that I didn’t do everything a I could, that would be depressing.

I would visit all the monuments that I could, like Eiffel’s Tower, or go to the Louvre Museum. Oh, and I’d like to visit Stonehenge, since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to visit that place. Also, I would take a lot of pictures everywhere.

But I think I would go when I have like 25 or 24 years old, that would be the perfect age, and I would take all the money as I could, because in those countries everything is more expensive than here. I haven’t decided if I’d go in summer or in winter…for one hand in summer you can do more things than in winter, but I hate the sun; by the other hand I like the cold of the winter, but you can do fewer things than in summer.

I think I also would visit to an aunt that is living in Belgium; I would like to meet to my cousins and to the wife of one of them. It’d be great to go out with them to know how the city is.

Well, I think that I would do more things that those that I put in this blog, but when I think in my dream vacation I don’t imagine it clearly.

That’s all for today, see you soon!

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Task 4: Books

Hello today we have to write about a “free topic”, so I decided to write about the books.

Well, generally I like to read, but when I can read I don’t do it because I start to do other activities.

I don’t have a particular kind author, I try to read about all the literature I can; I don’ like to discriminate the book because of who wrote it, but when I was in the school I liked the Gabriel García Marques’ books or Jorge Luis Borges’ books, specially one called “El Aleph” because the book talks about different kind of stories and I liked the way that the author considerate the perspective of myths and how the end of the story was so different from what I thought, especially in the story called “Asterion”.

But, the fact is that now when I entered at the university I began to read a lot about another kind of author that I didn’t know, and all of them write about psychology, so I get fun with that kind of articles, that doesn’t mean that I love all the reading, because there are topics I don’t like, but it’s I risk I took when I choose my career.

There are not many book I don’t like, but, I remember when I was at the school I had to read about books like “El lazarillo de Tormes”, which it wasn’t my favorite topic to read.
At the time, I would like to read about psychology, but, also I would like to read book about fiction science or the Hermann Hesse’s, because when I was at winter’s vacation I started to read “Siddharta”, but I didn’t finished it and I really liked the story and the idea of the book.

That’s all for today, see you next week!

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Task 3: Transantiago System

Hi! This week I’ll write about the Transantiago system.

Well, the Transantiago system is a public transport system that supposed to be better than the system we had before (the system with yellow buses). It consists in buses that have different ways to operate, some of them are locals and the others are “troncales”, which crosses a great amount of the territory of the capital. The idea of this system is that now we pay with a card in change of the coins, so, it’s faster than before, or that supposed to be. Also, the system operates with the subway, where the card can be used too. And when we want to change of bus or go to the subway, we just pay once if we did it already in other bus or in the subway, but it’s with limited time of course.

It’s better in the way that it’s faster than before, but, in the beginning, the change was not wanted for the people, it was very criticized, the tours of the buses were not well designed; and this design was not understood for the people, because it was a little complicated to make a tour.

My experiences with the old system were not a lot, because I began to go in bus two years before the Transantiago system replaced the old one, and I just go to the school to my house…but I remember that it was not so bad, however, the conditions of the older buses were terribly in some cases. With the Transantiago I have felt comfortable, though in the mornings the buses collapse and even at the day the tours needs to be replaced.

I’m not an expert in the topic, but, I would empathize in put in the way more buses, and to design better the tours, because there are some parts of the capital that hasn’t very well designed tours. Also, I would check the bus stops, because there are many of them that are in bad conditions and, like in the last point, there are parts of the capital that hasn’t stop buses.

That’s all for today, see ya!

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Task 2: Country I would like to visit

Hello! This week I’ll talk about a country I would like to visit.

In my short life, I just have travel a few times, when I was a kid I traveled to Chillán, and years I traveled with my classmates to Brasil, which was funny. But, It was not a place I died to meet.

It’s a kind difficult for my to decide which country or place I would like to visit, I like a lot of countries, like Japan or France, but this time I’ll decide for England. I decide for it because for me it has a particular magic, the buildings, the history, the legends and the myths, all that make me feel like I’m in a different world, it’s like if you could open your eyes to something you’ve never known.

If I would be there, I wouldn’t sleep at all, I would be outside all the day. I would visit historic places, but, at the same time, I would like to know all the typical places, where the England’s soul rests. I would walk for all the streets I could, I would eat every place I could, and I just wouldn’t breath! If I could, I would to live there, it would be interesting to wake up every morning and see a different world that I have never seen. Also, in England has born a lot of music groups that I like, so, I would be like meet the inspiration where they have find the power to create their music, and also, I would be easier to go to their concerts. For other hand, in England there are a lot of beautiful lanscape I would like to visit, all the nature makes me feel in a magic world, and there are places like Stonehedge, which I would to visit beacause I think it is so easy to see it and to undesrtand that it was in a time were people uses it for specific things, things different from the things we do in our time

In England is the best psychology university, Cambridge, so, if I could, I would like to do a post grade there, but that is a fantasy I wish it could come real.

That’s all for today, see you soon!

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Task 1: Experiences of my first semester

Hello! This week I'll talk about my first semester experience. 

Well, first of all, I'm studying Psychology; this is my first year in the university, so all have been new for me. 

The first semester was full of new experiences. We started with 6 different classes, but just 2 were focused in my career. In the others classes I learned about other social sciences, like History or Anthropology, also I learned about Philosophy. In the class of Psychology we read a book called "Psychology and Life", that was like manual where we could see al the different currents of psychology, like psychoanalysis. 

In my free time I talked with my friends or I studied, but this last thing I didn't do it. Sometimes I went to the library or I went wherever I could talk with my friends.

When I got here I had to face many new challenges, like read at least something every day or take a lot of notes, especially in History, where the teacher talked a lot and we had to read a lot.

In the first semester I met new friends form different parts of the country. The fact that we have to take sport classes or CFG gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people, also, the University is very big, so you can meet new people everywhere.

That's all for today, see you soon!